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Erdjo · 301

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This is an abusive flex deck that will teach you to appreciate the encounter deck and how important it is to the experience of playing the game. We'll do this by freezing it with disgusting survivor recursion. Best used in a 3 or 4 player team. I also suggest you play a campaign with generous experience gain (TFA, TCU, TIC).

The superstar of our deck: A Watchful Peace. I have no doubt this will be tabooed very soon. Have your "fun" while you can.




The core upgrades are listed as a side deck, however it's listed alphabetically. Here's the order:


I will not list most replacements here as they are dependant on what role you've landed in and what's expected of you. Don't blindly buy every card here - determine what your team's weaknesses are and buy accordingly.



Keep every piece of card draw (Drawing Thin is biggest priority) and throw away everything else. We can afford one-of assets because we're finding them extremely fast and resetting deck often.


Before you've assembled the combo pieces, you're just doing standard Stella things - finding ideal flashlight/keyring locations, bashing enemies here and there, and of course helping allies with NRNS, Lucky, Granny, etc.


Once you have both Drawing Thin and Grisly Totem in play (and hopefully Quick Learners), and A Watchful Peace and Signum Crucis in hand, you can start. From this point on, make sure to go last every round whenever possible to conserve tokens.


On your first action, take the most difficult test available. It's passively buffed with the Quick Learners, use Drawing Things as well to make it a total of +6 difficulty and commit Signum Crucis while activating the totem on it. If you are for example investigating a 4 shroud location, you are adding 8 tokens (remember - Signum Crucis counts against your base skill, not modified). Unless you somehow draw a ridiculous amount of the tokens just added, you will fail, and Signum Crucis comes back to hand. Now you can keep adding every round forever, as fuel for A Watchful Peace.

The rest of your turn is up to you. Hopefully you don't chain too many tokens on your other tests. Play A Watchful Peace in the mythos phase, and from here on, just keep returning A Watchful Peace via Resourceful and True Survivor. You are able to skip drawing encounter cards as long as you can keep the recursion going. But your deck naturally has great card draw so at the point where you're out of Resourcefuls and True Survivors you should be resetting your deck and drawing these pieces anyway.


Once you've got the core deck rolling, I'm sure it will only take a few scenarios before you're just bored of how easy the game gets when threats are eliminated like this. If you think the encounter deck is unfair maybe this will give you a new perspective :).


Apr 01, 2021 Calprinicus · 3784

How fun! I was just thinking the other day of ways to break Signum Crucis. I was going to use Calvin (base 1) and Try and Try Again.

I like this version that uses Drawing Thin & Grisly Totem then using them to power A Watchful Peace. You might consider Favor of the Sun & Ancient Covenant!

Apr 01, 2021 Erdjo · 301

@Calprinicus Thank you. The DT - totem combo can also be used with Take Heart for a casual +4 cards, +2 resources.

The covenant is taken later in the guide as a means to stop yourself from drawing too many of the blesses. Usually that's not the purpose of it for me but in this deck it was truly unnecessary for skill tests. So because of that there's just no room for the favor.