Coste: 0. PX: 3.


Rápido. Juega esta carta cuando un investigador que esté en tu Lugar fuese a fracasar en una prueba de habilidad.

Recibe +3 a su valor de habilidad para esa prueba. Ese investigador roba 1 carta.

David Auden Nash
Stella Clark #28.
¡Qué suerte!


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This just seems like a ludicrously good upgrade.

Lucky! (0) -> Lucky! (2) gave you 1 card for your 2 experience.

Lucky! (3) saves you 1 resource, 1 extra point to your skill value - giving 50% extra breathing room on your tests... AND it can be used on another investigator.

Using this card on another investigator is the icing on the cake. I can't tell you how many times I've had lower experience versions of this card in hand and wished I could help another investigator on a critical test.

And all that for 1 experience!

Crash · 7084

AquaDrehz is right that this third version and Parallel Skids's spicy Deckbuilding Options allows you to bring 6 copies of Lucky! (2x each of level 0, 2, and 3) for 10xp. But why stop there?

19 Clove Gar-luck Chicken:

Let's take a closer look at his Additional Options. "When you upgrade a Fortune or Gambit card, you may instead pay the full experience cost on the higher level version and leave the lower level version in your deck (it does not count towards your deck size or the number of copies of that card in your deck)."

So, we start off with a couple of Lucky! (0), and we spend 2xp to upgrade one to Lucky! (2) and leave a special Lucky! (0*) that doesn't count towards size or copies. Now we pay 3xp and upgrade again to Lucky! (3) and leave a second special Lucky! (2*) in our deck. Awesome. Here's where things take a turn. We spend 1xp to buy a NEW Lucky! (0), replacing Lucky! (3). We have to replace it since we can't fit three honest Lucky!'s in our deck.

Now, hold up - buying a level 0 to replace a higher level version of itself, can we do that? Yup. It's already fairly standard practice if you want to change what Strange Solution you got (refer to its FAQ entry) after you got greedy and careless.

So we're currently at 2x Lucky! (0), 1x Lucky! (0*) and 1x Lucky! (2*). Special upgrade it two more times and you have 1x Lucky! (0), 2x Lucky! (0*), 2x Lucky! (2*), and 1x Lucky! (3), for a total of 11xp. Ever 6xp past this adds another Lucky! (0*) and Lucky! (2*). The sky is the limit in campaign mode, so lets use the Standalone Deckbuilding XP cap of 49. Spending 6xp at a time six more times, leaves us with 2 left over, which we can use to special upgrade that other level 0 that's been patiently sitting there. Final tally at 49xp:

For a grand total of 19 Lucky!'s of various levels. 17 of which don't count towards your deck size or card limit. Worth it? Probably not. Tasty? Definitely.

Lucky Number 13:

Realistically though, you probably don't want that many copies of Lucky! (0) in your deck unless you have enough other draw because it doesn't cycle, so maybe just stick to the stronger versions. We start with 2x Lucky! (0) (because why not?) and special upgrade them up to level 2 and then 3, but this time we purchase new level 2's to replace the 3's and do an abridged loop costing 5xp per loop.

Much less chaff, an extra level 3, and 4 xp left over to maybe buy yourself something nice.

(You could also pull this trick to get 10 copies of Hot Streak or 19 copies of any other Fortune/Gambit with level 0/2 versions. "Look what I found!", A Chance Encounter, Daredevil, Dumb Luck, Oops!, or Daring Maneuver. Daredevil deserves special mention because you can use it to get +19 on any skill test and turn your deck into a pile of 6 weaknesses!)

If that's not enough, you can get Double, Double one of them 1/turn — Zinjanthropus · 225
You can't Double, Double when using Parallel Skids's back (Rogue level 0-3 only) and Double, Double is level 4 — arkhamproxy · 1
Nevermind, apparently the Parallel back displayed on arkhamdb is different than the Parallel back on the downloaded card from FFG — arkhamproxy · 1
Could you not also just skip/replace the first level (0) Lucky and thus only run with 9x level (2*) and 2 regular level (3)? — legobil · 1

This card goes so much better with a Fire Axe + Dark Horse build Survivors. Other versions have to balance the +1 damage and +1 stat with the flexibility from Lucky!, but this version does not have that restriction since it can be played at 0 resources! To top it off, we get an extra +1 and can play it on friends to boot.


pneuma08 · 26

Just wanted to point out something that I didn't see anyone mention in other reviews or comments yet--

The higher bonus of +3 is not merely useful for coming back from harder checks. You can now turn a fail by 1 into a succeed by 2. Rogues and others who care about "succeed by X" take note!

Due to being level 3 there are only a few investigators who would care about this interaction in their own decks--but wait, you can now play this on your friends! If there's at least one deck at your table that wants to oversucceed, consider this upgrade.

I buried it in the review for The 13th Vision, strangely. Anyways there are plenty of Survivor cards that care about you succeeding by 2 -- notably Scavenging and the Sharp Vision suite of skills! — dscarpac · 820
If you add granny orne, you can turn a fail by 2 into a success by 2 at your location — Django · 4974

This card make for "Skids" O'Toole (Paralled) . With new deck building option he can put all 6 Lucky !!!! and recurring use Lucky to any test!!!

For another investigator it still be good to use because -3 would appeared more often on higher difficulty. The this card cost 0 so it not annoy you resource gained from upkeep.

AquaDrehz · 199
This upgrade is actually crazy: one resource cheaper and one more skill value are already worth one xp, but on top of that this allows you to use it on your nearby allies. That's crazy good. — SGPrometheus · 776
This card is totally bonkers. Parallel — Zinjanthropus · 225
Parallel Skids can also Double, Double it for a whopping +6 on a failed test. — Zinjanthropus · 225
Just remember you cant take all 6 at once, only 2 of any combination. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
Double, double is so good for him. Tried already and impressive so much. — AquaDrehz · 199
Nevermind, I didnt realize how parallel Skids worked. That is interesting. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
You can't Double, Double when using Parallel Skids's back (Rogue level 0-3 only) and Double, Double is level 4 — arkhamproxy · 1
Nevermind, apparently the Parallel back displayed on arkhamdb is different than the Parallel back on the downloaded card from FFG — arkhamproxy · 1