Father Wagnati

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andykimbrey · 9

This deck wants more to punch with.


Crystal Pendulum, Holy Rosary, David Renfield, and the Four of Cups all give +, which is what we want for fighting. And of course Unexpected Courage can be used for or anything.


6 fighting cards might be a bit much. but Mateo needs these because he can't fight with his . Sword Cane, Armageddon, and Wither are all great with no downsides. Spectral Razor is a massive punch when you need it, and Storm of Spirits is a lifesaver in a Zerg Rush.

Hypnotic Gaze is an awesome card for tanking and getting you out of a tight spot, and Thermos could be the difference between life and death.


Arcane Initiate helps to find the spells (nearly everything is a spell). The Robes of Endless Night and Uncage the Soul also get those spells out for cheap so our Resources aren't taxed too much.


Of course, Eucatastrophe and Premonition help with Father Mateo's ability and his The Codex of Ages. Later on we'll upgrade into Time Warp as well to tank the bag even more.


Here's where it gets busted: Arcane Research starts the campaign with 2 mental trauma, which seems crazy, but it's going to mean spell upgrades come hard and fast. Delve Too Deep is to be played right at the end when victory is guaranteed to get those extra VPs for upgrading spells too. We're looking to rush to Seal of the Elder Sign and other broken 5XP cards immediately to tank the bag like crazy.

It's a big risk, but let's see how it pays off!