David Renfield
Reputado escatólogo

Apoyo. Ally

Aliado. Mecenas.

Cost: 2.
Test Icons:
Health: 2. Sanity: 1.

Mientras David Renfield tenga al menos 1 ficha de Perdición sobre él, recibes +1 .

Agota a David Renfield: Puedes colocar 1 ficha de Perdición sobre David Renfield. Obtén 1 recurso por cada ficha de Perdición que haya sobre David Renfield.

Alexandre Dainche
Ecos del pasado #112.
David Renfield

A strong build-around economy combo card for Ashcan Pete, who can use his unique power to activate him 2/turn for extra payoff (or sometimes more if you also splash Inspiring Presence, which works well with Duke anyway). Going T1: 2 doom (net +1 resources after his cost), T2: double-use up to 3 doom (6 more resources), T3: up to 5 doom (9 more resources) before killing him off via attacks of opportunity / bouncing him with calling in favors is quite an economic boost (on a 6 doom agenda) for one action and a few discards. If someone in the party has a golden pocket watch at the right time (e.g. Ursula with backpacks/Dr. Elli), you can double-tick up for two final turns instead of one for a massive payout (29R instead of 16R in the example above). Calling in Favors is more or less essential with him, as it does double duty to find him and to safely reset him.

Painkillers is a good way to get rid of him, healing at the same time. — duke_loves_biscuits · 505


plural eschatologies 1 :a branch of theology concerned with the final events in the history of the world or of humankind 2 :a belief concerning death, the end of the world, or the ultimate destiny of humankind; specifically :any of various Christian doctrines concerning the Second Coming, the resurrection of the dead, or the Last Judgment

You have him at a cost of 0 but his card shows a cost of 2, I do not own this card yet so not sure which is correct as the card graphic may well be a beta? — Louie Cypher · 1
The graphic is correct. The card costs 2. Although, you will usually use him right away, which will mean he is really a 1 drop for +1 willpower and a conditional +to cash. — Myriad · 584

I used this card in my Sefina Rousseau deck (i included mainly spell cards) yesterday and i think he's very strong for 3 reaons:

  1. Boosts , mystics main stat
  2. Damage soak. Only mystic ally with more than 1 HP.
  3. Provides ressources for mystics many expansive assets, like Shrivelling and Rite of Seeking.

Other advantages:

  • He's also pretty cheap at 1 ressource (including discount from his own ability).
  • Ability always succeedes, unlike Alchemical Transmutation and does not harm user, unlike Forbidden Knowledge
  • You MAY to add doom to him, when using his ability. You'll get less ressources, but decreases the risk of advancing the agenda
  • Can be killed by placing damage on him, if doom is an issue


Combos to deal with doom

Django · 1813
I thought about getting him for solo Jim, so you think its viable? I might try him, as replacement for Lone Wolf and as a boost at the same time. But, that would mean to stick to 1 or 2 Charisma :-/ — XehutL · 27
This is a strong Card and adresses several mystic Problems (Ressources, stamina soak). You should Play him if you can compensate the Doom. Tell me more about your Deck, if you want more tips. — Django · 1813

Cool fellow but tricky to use though. Ideally you play him when you lots of time left before a timer advance OR when it's right about to advance. Remember that if doom appears in the same round that the timer advances anyway, that doom goes away too without issue. This means that you can trigger David in the round's the agenda advances as a "freebie". If you can do this just once you've just spent 1 resource to get a +1 Willpower proc' for a round, 2 health and 1 sanity. Every extra time you can pull this off is pure grade-A, gravy.

The trick is to know when to kill David off, despite his powerful ability you must keep in mind that like other cheap Allies (Art Student, Dr. William.) he is first and foremost a throwaway character. If you manage to squeeze 2-3 resources, one or two uses of the +Willpower and then soak a 1/1 attack with him you've gotten tonne's bang out of this one card!

The big risk in using David is falling into the trap of stacking doom on him frivolously, the way to do this safely is to, as already mentioned, make sure he dies a timely death. In a scenario where you've got 4-5 rounds between advances you can stack 2-3 Doom on him for a gain of 6 credits, in this case you've got to get in some deliberate trouble so that he gets punched before the big payday turns into a premature nightmare.


Pros: -Consistent benefit when used safely.

-High yield benefit in the right circumstance.

-Moderate benefit in the wrong circumstance.

-At worst a 2-point damage soak or 1-point horror soak.



-Game-loosing if used wrong.

-Dead-draw in the lategame of each scenario unless you can find a use for raw hitpoints.

-Inherent risk, even the safest bets can fail every now and then.

Tsuruki23 · 384
Sadly there's no player window after the upkeep phase, but before the agenda advances, so you can't use him twice if you play him the turn it advances anyway. — Django · 1813

I really want to make this card work with Sefina Rousseau. I feel like Sefina's 4 Willpower is really not enough to use Mystic spells all that effectively, and her 5 health is obviously a problem. David could potentially kill two birds with one stone, while also providing a nice influx of resources. Jim would probably also be interested, as like Sefina he really needs Willpower boosts, and right now David is the only in-faction Ally who could provide that for him.

In practice, though, I've found David almost completely impossible to use. Obviously his benefits are not at all worth it if he costs the team one or more turns. And it's not like Arcane Initiate where you can just play it while the agenda is about to advance, the doom goes away, and that's that. This guy is no longer useful if the doom goes away. So unless there is a very long span until the agenda goes off, David doesn't work. That means that his ability is unusable the vast majority of the time in this game. I tried to use him over a number of different scenarios, and each time I drew him I either immediately saw that I couldn't play him and use him, or I did play him but ended up having to kill him off before I could benefit much from his abilities.

So right now I'd have to say this is a card that looks really effective at first glance, but in practice is just unmanageable. But maybe other people have figured out how to make better use of him.

CaiusDrewart · 1042
I think he is intended to be used with only one Doom token on him at all (and probably only when the agenda has four or more Doom level to advance in total). You may look on him that you can use him only if you could afford one less turn per Agenda. — XehutL · 27
For Sefina, once you have 2x Hotstreak in your deck, — Django · 1813
Sorry for incomplete and double post, but i can't edit my comments. David is a good card, as long as can control the doom. Meaning, you must have a general idea, how much doom each turn comes and remove his/kill him, before agenda advances. In 4 player games with "ancient evils" i wouldn't recommend him, as doom is too randm (up to 3 additional doom). For sefina, i replaced him with Dario El-Amin (through adaptable) once i had 2x Hotstreak in my deck. Dario is much easier to setup and maintain with his own ability. — Django · 1813