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JazVM · 3

Hello guys,

this is my first complete guide so please be gentle with me. Also I absoluetely would love to hear your opinions on this deck so feel free to shoot me a comment or two :)

Okay let's start. Why wendy?

Wendy Adams made her first appearance during the very first box everyone of us got: the core set. Oh boy did I underestimate her the first the time I played with my wife. We weren't impressed with her at all. A little girl that couldn't even fight? We couldn't have been more wrong.

Wendy Adams provides everything you would want from a solo 'gator. Her statline is perfect. Big 4 Brains for those treacheries, a nice 3 book for solid investigating and 4 flink feet to escape enemies. However, that is not whats makes her so OP. Have you looked at her ability? I haven't when we first played with her...

Wendy's ability is what makes her extremely strong. She can "cancel" any chaos token she pulls once per test at the mere cost of one card from her hand. In Arkham Horror and in Solo Arkham Horror especially it is really important to be action efficient and gain rewards for cards you invest in skill tests. Wendy's ability should make sure that you pass most tests you take allowing you to take full use of the nice effects on skill cards in her deck.

Deck run-down

Let's run the deck down but before a few general words: This deck contains "flex cards" that can be switch in and out depending on the campaign you run. Those are: Fine Clothes, Elusive, Ethereal Slip, Fight or Flight. If you know whats coming you can modify you deck in order to prepare for your campaign's challenges. However, this deck should provide a very good starting point for any campaign you want to go through.

Assets Fire Axe: it's incredably useful to have the possibility to pump your fight and your damage from the very beginning. Usually, you don't try to fight enemies, especially early on in scenarios. But when you run out of cards it can come in very handy to have an asses to deal with enemies instead of relying on your events.

Flashlight: just a very solid card. Remember: reducing shroud to 0 equals a successful skill test if you don't draw the auto-fail.

Newspaper: I found it very important to have an asset dedicated to investigating from the very beginning of each scenario. Hence two assets are not enough. Flashlight later gets switched to Lockpicks but Newspaper stays. In solo you will be without clues a lot of times and the card is just good for that situation.

Wendy's Amulet: I see a lot of people overrating this card for solo. The scenarios can be so short that the ability is irrelevant. Personally, I have no problem ditching it to Wendy's ability or use the icons for skill tests. In longer scenarios it can be a real game changer though. It improves your draws a lot in the long run.

Fine Clothes: Flex card but good, especially when you can make use of the parley abiliy. Even otherwise it's alright for the cost of one.

Leo De Luca: This card changes the games and is my highest priority. Having 4 actions from turn one makes such a huge difference. Mulligan all 5 cards unless Leo is in your hand. He is that game changing.

Lone Wolf: self-explenatory goodness. I play the card even in later turns.

Track Shoes: expensive but in the right situation it's very valueable. You should be able to pass the skill-test most of the times and action compression is king in Arkham.. much more in Solo.

Backstab: this card will be your #1 important enemy killer. Three damage to a foot test is so nice. The problem is the resource cost. Save that card for important enemies and don't waste it early.

Elusive: used to be king now is only alright. There will be situations where this card is very useful saving you actions. I wouldn't flex this out.

Ethereal Slip: extremely high upside if you can find the situation for it. Take care: it's not fast.

Fight or Flight: this is useful for dealing with tests in campaigns that dish out a lot of horror. I wouldn't run this every time.

Lucky!: one of the best cards. Even better you can play 4 copies with Resourceful

Waylay: I love this card. This just deals with (non-elite) enemies. No questions asked. They even give victory points sometimes. This is important.

Guts; Manual Dexterity; Unexpected Courage: old time friends but they never get old! We want to use these skills a lot.

Quick Thinking: actions compression is king. Later-on you can make sure to pass foot test with Scrapper to ensure the extra action. Even without the added effect I like the flexibility.

Resourceful: get back lucky. Profit.

Basic weakness: Chose what you like or take my recommendation.

Upgrades in order of priority: Charon's Obol: get it after scenario 1. Profit.

Lockpicks: getting clues is the most important thing. Get it ASAP to replace Flashlight

Leo De Luca: the extra resource makes a lot of difference (1 resource, 1 actions). Play it as the first actions every game as often as possible

Scrapper: "permanent" stats boosts -> I like

Charisma: You want to get the next cards very soon

Peter Sylvestre: Look... he provides everything you'd ever want. You can remove flex spots that you felt didn't really contribute to the deck. I would personally remove Fine Clothes

Will to Survive: this card can be bonkers but it is also expensive. Additionally, I think taking tests is less of a problem for Wendy. I might not rate this as high as others. Remove Fight or Flight and either Elusive or Ethereal Slip

Lucky!: Just good and a nice pair with Resourceful.

Bonus: Observed because I love Tarot cards.


Jan 14, 2022 Valentin1331 · 4083

Hey! I think that's a good deck, but it seems really short on economy, especially if you start sinking resources in your Fire Axe first, and Scrapper after.

Also in solo, you tend to see fewer enemies, and with Wendy, you can evade most of them, so maybe you do not need the Fire Axe that you can replace with an econ card like Faustian Bargain or Emergency Cache if you are reluctant on adding tokens to the bag.