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Valentin1331 · 8031

This is a fighter build for The Sailor, abusing Skill Cards and calling them back with his Harpoon for endless benefits.

Feel free to ♥ this deck, and let me know in the comments what is your favourite version of Silas!


• 15/04/22: Added the Will to Survive loop in Make your own Deck! and clarified the wording around the ability of Drawing Thin.


Credit: Shane Pierce

Table of Content:

• Overview

• Main Strategy

• Calling the Sea Change Harpoon back

• Targets for Resourceful

• Other Cards

• Your Ideal Hand

• Example of a Fighting Turn

• Upgrade Path

• Make your own Deck!


Difficulty: ★★★☆☆

Enemy Management: ★★★★★

Clue-getting: ★★☆☆☆

Encounter protection: ★★★★★

Survivability: ★★★★★

Economy: ★★★★☆

Card Drawing: ★★★★★

Main Strategy:

Commit a lot of Skill cards that bring bonuses to Attacks using your Sea Change Harpoon, harvest all the bonuses and bring all these cards back to your hand by returning the Harpoon.

Play the Harpoon again, thanks to the action of Quick Thinking and the resources of Drawing Thin.

Increase your damage output by using Ice Pick (3) and Brute Force to reach a maximum of 10 damage in one turn.

Calling the Sea Change Harpoon back:

Use the Harpoon every turn :

What prevents you from using the Sea Change Harpoon every turn?

• The resource cost of replaying it

• The action to put it back on the table.

What if we could cancel these 2 Downsides?

• With Drawing Thin, you can get 4 resources by turn, covering the cost of re-playing the Sea Change Harpoon.

• With Quick Thinking, you get a 4th action that can be used to play the Harpoon back, making it virtually .

•• This is 3 cards and 6xp. That's all you need to start the cycle.

• In the very first scenario, Schoffner's Catalogue covers the costs of doing this every once in a while, which should be enough to make it out alive.

Skills used with the Sea Change Harpoon:

As you are going to exhaust the 2 Drawing Thin on your Attack, you want to overshoot the test by at least +8. This is easily doable by committing a lot of cards. Don't be shy, they will all come back to your hand eventually.

• Daring x2 - 1 card draw per copy committed

• Overpower - Max 1 committed for 1 card draw

• Quick Thinking - Max 1 per turn to get an action, used later to replay the Harpoon

Resourceful x2 - Draw 2 cards from your Discard Pile. We will develop later the targets for this.

• Stunning Blow - Evade the enemy to play the Sea Change Harpoon safely at the end of the turn if you didn't manage to kill the enemy.

Unrelenting - Max 1 committed to get 2 cards.

• Nautical Prowess - Get 1 card

• You can exhaust and discard your Ice Pick (3) for +1 and +1 Damage.

The All-In Attack:

In one single test, you could count as net profit: 3 damage, 8 Cards drawn (2 from your Discard Pile), 1 Evade and 1 additional Action often used to replay your Sea Change Harpoon.

This combo can be performed once each round since the taboo introduced a limit to Quick Thinking. The other attacks are performed using Brute Force or by committing a Skill to an Attack with the Sea Change Harpoon.

_The only threat to that cycle is the , which is cancelled by Eucatastrophe. Always keep 1 in hand in case you draw the during your All-In Attack. If you are the unlucky type, you can also adopt the Nightmare Bauble as an extra layer of protection.

Why not Bruiser?

I initially used Bruiser in this Deck but while playtesting, it turned out less interesting than Drawing Thin since the resources on Bruiser can only be played to re-play the Harpoon or the Ice Pick (3), or occasionally boost attacks with the Harpoon which is not needed.

On the opposite, Drawing Thin gives you resources that you can use to pay for Assets, and as you always use it on your Harpoon attacks, you always have enough to play Eucatastrophe. You can also use the ability of Drawing Thin on the test of the Track Shoes if you only want to move 1 location or get 4 resources in 1 action by investigating.

If you use Drawing Thin x2 every turn, the extra resource can then be used with Plucky (3) defensively or to help with clues.

Targets for Resourceful:

As you will play 2 Resourceful per All-In Attack, you will have the possibility to choose a good number of cards to bring back. The best targets are in order:

1. Ice Pick (3) that is played fast with the 4th resource of Drawing Thin and increases your damage output.

2. Brute Force is one of your most lethal weapons but does not always land.

3. Plucky (3) in case it was discarded. It can be played right after as it is fast and free, to absorb Horror.

4. Unrelenting for more draws and better access to your key cards.

Other Cards:

A lot of cards in this Deck are Cantrips (cards that replace themselves) so that you find your most important cards as fast as possible. Once you are fully set up, you will want to draw much less to decrease the time spent dealing with your weaknesses. The best technique is to stack up cards in your hand and discard them during the Upkeep Phase, only leaving the cards needed to run your combo.

The Cantrips in this Deck are:

Guts, Manual Dexterity, Overpower, Nautical Prowess, Eureka! and Daring

The reason for the other cards are:

Plucky (3) to buy your way to the tests you are the worst at and to absorb the Horror from cycling your deck 3-4 times per scenario.

• Unrelenting can be committed to any test, bring 2 cards and re-called with Silas's . It is your #1 target for your passive as it is one of the only cards (with Nautical Prowess) that do provide the benefit (here 2 cards) even if recalled.

Jessica Hyde is not mandatory but the +1 is welcomed while using Brute Force and it provides you unlimited Health. She is especially needed if you decide to use Nautical Prowess that comes with Dreams of the Deep and can give a lot of damage if drawn during your last action.

• Track Shoes are amazing for 2 reasons:

•• Action compression to move further.

•• Give you a test with no consequences (other than the ones of Symbol Tokens) for you to use your 2 Drawing Thin if you do not need the 2nd move action.

Eureka! that you can commit to Track Shoes tests to look for your key cards.

• 1 copy of Fearless in case you are taking Horror before you draw Plucky (3).

• Backpack (2) simply because your most important card is your Sea Change Harpoon and it turns out to be an Item!

Guts/Nautical Prowess are both defensive cards that you should keep in your hand if possible in case you draw test during the Mythos Phase.

Earlier in the campaign:

• Peter Sylvestre is here to mitigate your 5 Sanity and gives you a Static especially useful for your Track Shoes tests.

Cherished Keepsake is free ammo to your Meat Cleaver.

• Meat Cleaver as explained can be triggered with Cherished Keepsake, Peter Sylvestre and later Plucky (3)

• Painkillers to use Peter Sylvestre during turns when you do not need to fight. Another alternative is Bandages but they are reactive so they cannot fix an already bad situation and more expensive.

• Schoffner's Catalogue to pay for the Sea Change Harpoon recursion and the Ice Pick (3) potentially. We choose this over Emergency Cache because it can be recurred by Resourceful if necessary.

• Lucky! is the classic staple, especially useful against tests triggered by Treachery Cards.

Late campaign cards that can be useful:

• Lucky! (3) is amazing, especially as you can spend it on other investigator's tests.

• Sharp Vision accelerates your Clue-Getter's job and moves the game together faster.

Nine of Rods could be nice to draw more enemies if you are bored.

• _There is a game-breaking loop available with this Deck using On Your Own and Will to Survive. I haven't tried it because I am not interested in it, but if you would like to explore it, have look at the Make your own Deck! section at the bottom of the Guide._

Your Ideal Hand:


Based on where you are in the campaign, your priorities are:

  1. Sea Change Harpoon

  2. Meat Cleaver or Backpack (2)

All the rest can be shuffled and most cards are cantrips that will lead you eventually to one of these cards.

Once the Sea Change Harpoon is on the table:

Once you started, your ideal hand is as follows:

Eucatastrophe / Resourceful x2 / Quick Thinking / Brute Force or Ice Pick (3) / Unrelenting / Nautical Prowess or Guts and Overpower or Daring.

This takes your 8 card slots, and as you draw, you will be able to commit the cards to the tests or discard anything that is not one of these during the Upkeep Phase.

• Eucatastrophe to maintain a constant protection against the .

• Brute Force to deal more damage.

Ice Pick (3) to replace the one already on the table that you will discard during the attack.

• Unrelenting for the net 2 cards unless you have everything on the table and you do not want to draw your weaknesses.

• Quick Thinking to get the action to replay the Sea Change Harpoon.

• Overpower or Daring to secure the attack with Brute Force.

• Nautical Prowess or Guts as a defensive card during the Mythos Phase.

• Resourceful to call the card that you need the most at this point of the game: Stunning Blow, Plucky (3), another Brute Force, another Ice Pick (3).

Example of a fighting turn:

• You have in play: Drawing Thin x2, Sea Change Harpoon, Jessica Hyde and Ice Pick (3).

• You have in your hand: Eucatastrophe, Quick Thinking, Resourceful x2, Brute Force x1, Daring, Unrelenting and Stunning Blow.

• Action 1: Sea Change Harpoon:

•• Commit: Quick Thinking + Resourceful x2 + Daring + Brute Force + Unrelenting and use the abilities of Drawing Thin x2 + Ice Pick (3)

•• Result: 10 + 3 Damage + 1 Action + 4 Resources + 3 Cards + Resourceful that pick Brute Force and Ice Pick (3) in your discard pile.

• Action 2: Brute Force:

•• Play Ice Pick (3)

•• Commit: Unrelenting + Stunning Blow, exhaust and then discard Ice Pick (3)

•• Result: 11 + 4 Damage + 2 cards -1 resource.

•• Use Silas Marsh's passive to recall Unrelenting.

• Action 3: Brute Force:

•• Commit: Daring + Unrelenting

•• Result: 12 + 3 damage + 3 cards.

• Action 4: Quick Thinking:

•• Use the 3 resources left from the Drawing Thin to play the Sea Change Harpoon and be ready to fight the next turn again.

Result: -3 resources

Total Results:

During such a turn, which is quite common with this Deck, you did:

3 attacks with 10+ , +9 damage, +8 Cards, you evaded an enemy, and you've set up again for another fighting turn.

Upgrade Path:

Link to the 0xp Deck

Schoffner's Catalogue x2 Drawing Thin - 6xp - Total Total 6xp

•• With Drawing Thin you can already start cycling your Sea Change Harpoon and generate an insane number of resources.

• Lucky! x2 Eucatastrophe x2 - 6xp - Total 12xp

•• Eucatastrophe is second on the list to prevent you from that pull on the All-In Attack which would be hard to recover from.

• Cherished Keepsake x2 Unrelenting - 2xp - Total 14xp

•• Unrelenting comes next as it is a great combination with Silas Marsh's and allows you to dig in your Deck much faster. Also finding your Peter Sylvestre and Plucky (3) faster makes the Cherished Keepsake less relevant.

• Peter Sylvestre (0) x2 Jessica Hyde x1 + Plucky (3) x1 - 4xp - Total 18xp

•• Now that you can find your Plucky (3) fast, you do not need the Big Man on Campus. Fearless will heal the potential Horror that you take while searching for Plucky (3)

Painkillers x1 + Track Shoes x1 Backpack (2) x2 - 4xp - Total 22xp

•• Boring but extremely good for consistency since you need 1 card to run your combo.

• Guts x2 Brute Force - 2 xp - Total 24xp

•• It is finally time to ramp up your damage output. Brute Force is free, and deals 3 damage per attack.

Meat Cleaver x2 Ice Pick (3) x2 - 6xp - Total 30xp

•• Now that Backpack (2) finds your Sea Change Harpoon reliably, you can use the other hand slot for extra damage.

• Manual Dexterity x2 Lucky! (3) x2 - 6xp - Total 36xp

•• Help your teammates win the game!

Make your own Deck!:

• Here is a Baseball Bat/Old Hunting Rifle Deck that I haven't tried but seems fun too. Use Heavy Furs to cancel and the Nightmare Bauble and Eucatastrophe to prevent the . The rest is skill boost, Encounter Protection and card draw/resource.

• To make this deck Standalone friendly, take away Jessica Hyde and take a Bandages.

Here is the link to the Deck that plays Will to Survive almost every turn. Prophetic x2 pays 4 resources on a Spirit, which is the trait of Will to Survive. So if you can have Will to Survive in your hand at the beginning of every turn, you could technically ignore the Chaos Bag for the remainder of the game. This is where the Harpoon recursion comes into play, by committing Resourceful to your attacks, you can bring back Will to Survive to your hand, making it available every turn when there is an enemy on the board. The only chance for it to fail is when your 2 Will to Survive are in your discard pile and you Attack with the Harpoon committing Resourceful x2 and you draw an , which is the reason why there is a Nightmare Bauble.


May 14, 2022 Death by Chocolate · 1105

Overall, this deck looks really cool, and really pushes the harpoon value to the limit! I hope to try this when I get the chance. The only thing I take issue with is using the word 'commit' when talking about Ice Pick and Drawing Thin when you aren't actually committing them to the test. (You are using their abilities.)

Also, the Defiance combo with Baseball Bat / Old Hunting Rifle in your bonus deck doesn't work the way you want it to because Defiance doesn't ignore or cancel the token being revealed - just it's effects, and the effect you WANT to stop is part of the asset's effect, not part of the token's effect. Heavy Furs, Eucatastrophe, and Nightmare Bauble all work though!

May 14, 2022 Valentin1331 · 8031

Thanks @Death by Chocolate for the feedback, happy you like it! And let me know how it goes! I was afraid at first that this loop would become a little bit repetitive but it turned out really fun so I wanted to share it!

You're right about the use of "commit", it can be confusing. Any better word I could use that wouldn't make the sentence too heavy? "Use"? I'll edit it.

And thanks for pointing it out for Defiance. I was told on the Mythos Busters Discord that it was not possible and I forgot to change it in the text. I will change it too!

May 14, 2022 SSW · 167

It's a fun concept but I'm not sure how consistent only really having one weapon is, even with backpacks.

Plus, I'd have thought Bruiser actually works out better than Drawing Thin here. A pair of them will give you as much as Drawing Thin, while doing everything you want it for, and not necessitating making any tests more difficult. The only downside is the cost to play. I'd probably run both considering how quickly you want the engine set up.

May 14, 2022 Valentin1331 · 8031

Thanks @SSW !

Interestingly enough Bruiser is actually what triggered the idea for me of abusing the Harpoon since the synergy was rather obvious.

While play testing though, I started with Bruiser, then both and ended up choosing only Drawing Thin and I actually ended up drowning in resources really often, which allowed me even to pick up a few clues every once in a while with Plucky (3). The fact that I can use both Drawing Thin on a Track Shoes test made it super easy to use almost every turn.

The cost of bruiser and the fact that it is less flexible than the resources made it less interesting.

When it comes to consistency, the number of cards that make you draw has been enough for me, and when it took me a while to dig far enough, the Brute Force and the Ice Pick (3) to boost bare hand attacks were enough to keep me out of trouble long enough. I reckon that it could go wrong if everything goes wrong, but that’s often the case for many Decks :)

May 15, 2022 alexalansmith14 · 595

Nice and fun concept here, good job! I'll definitely try it once I get TDE and Edge, thank you.

May 15, 2022 Eudaimonea · 1

It’s nice to see the harpoon get a moment in the sun. Cool deck. As someone who plays exclusively Expert difficulty, let me offer the small caveat that although this is an “Advanced” deck list, it is not well-suited for Expert difficulty because you’re very much depending on recurring multiple Unrelentings and they won’t grant card draw on Expert difficulty due to the lack of tokens in the bag meeting the requirement. It seems to me that’s going to badly impair this deck’s ability to function as intended. As such, I’d recommend a more traditional Silas deck for Expert, whereas this one will be much, much better on Standard and Hard.

May 15, 2022 Valentin1331 · 8031

Hey @Eudaimonea, thanks for the feedback! Advanced in the title was more an intent to mark the difference between this type of Deck including the full collection and the Beginner Guides that I am making with a limited card pool :)

Congratulations on playing in Expert! That is extremely challenging and not so many Decks fit this type of difficulty.

When it comes to Unrelenting, it is true that the +2 Cards do not function in your situation. You could actually use Nautical Prowess the exact same way as Unrelenting, but with a lesser return on investment (1 card and 15 out 16 times since you have only one 0 token and the doesn't count).

Yet, even though I have only tried it in Hard and I am happy to be proven wrong, I would argue that this Deck particularly shines in Expert as you can choose to use Unrelenting the other way around and seal the -8 and nasty Symbol Tokens to lift considerably the weight of the Token Bag.

Once you have access to your key cards, drawing cards is becoming more damaging than helping, since it makes your Weaknesses show up more often. Therefore the real impact here is lesser consistency.

Therefore to compensate for the decrease in draw-power, I would add another weapon (Fire Axe that can later be committed for a or Meat Cleaver+Peter Sylvestre?).

Maybe also use Bruiser instead of Drawing Thin to not increase furthermore the difficulty of the test? It should still be fine though.

Let me know if you are interested to give it a try and if you have any recommendations, I would be happy to make a paragraph for the Expert difficulty in Make your own Deck!