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The King in Yellow · 138


Joe "James" Daimond is maybe the best investigator for solo play, but also shines in Multiplayer. The biggest problem in solo play is that you need a investigator and a investigator, but Joes 2442 Statline gives him both. His only weakness is his low , but that's why he is a and not a .

(Disclaimer this is more a guide then a real deck. Joe is very flexible character and can be used in many different ways.)

0 Priority Upgrade:

Higher Education (3); lets him overcome his low. Also boosts Timeworn Brand with its big punch
Charisma (3); lets two allies (see guide section) be in play at the same time
Flashlight/.32 Colt Ace of Swords (1)/Death • XIII (1); the Tarots do a similar thing and it is my target to limit the handsets. Depends on the ally
Enchanted Blade Timeworn Brand (5); the static +2 and +1 damage. Magnifying Glass Magnifying Glass (1); logical

0 Lower priority:

Beat Cop Beat Cop (2); more damage
Vicious Blow Vicious Blow (2); more damage is more damage
Deduction Deduction (2); more clues
Logical Reasoning Logical Reasoning (4); upgrade if you have allot of spear exp.

0 Mulligan and the slots

1st Hand: Clueing-Tool; Magnifying Glass or Flashlight
2nd Hand: 1x Weapon; The Colt, .32 Colt or Enchanted Blade (later Timeworn Brand)
Body: Bandolier

Ally-Slot: Alice Luxley

Tarot: Death • XIII (1) or Ace of Swords (1)

0 Hunch deck Upgrade: (you won't be able to upgrade all cards)

The -2 cost lets you play nearly every insight event without a cost. I don't even no if this is worse then a additional action. Fast cards like the Research (4), The stone turning (5), Evidence! and the hunch, are also wonderful for the Hunch-Deck, because there are free and fast.

  1. No Stone Unturned No Stone Unturned (5)
    Its no cost and it makes it easier to find a card in your deck. I also love the upgraded version because its fast, you can find a card and it costs nothing.

  2. Working a Hunch Deciphered Reality (5)
    Working a Hunch is maybe the best card in the Hunch-Deck. It lets you find a clue for absolutely FREE. The most cards in the Hunch-decks are for testless clue finding, and that is exactly what Working a Hunch does.

  3. Evidence!
    Nice card for a 1 testless clue. There are +2 , if there aren't any enemies to be defeated.

  4. Crack the Case 2.0 Evidence! is when a enemy is defeated and Crack the Case for the last clue on a location.

Preposterous Sketches Cryptic Research (4)
(The) Preposterous Sketches is the best boost for Higher Education (3) possible and then even the upgrade (Cryptic Research (4)) you draw 3 cards without an action. Another option is Glimpse the Unthinkable (5), it is even better when you have Laboratory Assistant. I wouldn't take (the) Preposterous Sketches (2) (it does nothing better in the hunch deck).

Scene of the Crime
1 testless clue and even 2 when there is a enemy on you location.

Unsolved Case
Aaaah, the weakness. I would always have 2 resources flowing, because it can really hit you in a bad situation (especially in solo). In a scenario I would always go for every available exp. in the scenario, so that you can take at least 1 hit of the Case.

The other Hunches in the deck shouldn't be in the Hunch-Deck, because they are very situationell. But you can recycle it with the Colt and his ability.

0 Guide Section: (finally)

.32 Colt: Its one more weapon in your deck and a better use for Bandolier. Can maybe be upgraded with Ace of Swords (1) (untested).

Flashlight: Another tool for Detective's Colt 1911s, but relatively fast upgraded with Death • XIII (1).

Magnifying Glass: A instant inclued for this deck. Fast, +1 and the (1) version even free.

Detective's Colt 1911s: The idea is to have a and a slot. But this card has a higher priority, because it recycles a insight card.

Bandolier: lets you have one more weapon in play. Note that it even lets you take Enchanted Blade, because you don't need a arcane-slot.

Alice Luxley: The +1 is a better use of the ally slot, because finding a clue and dealing 1 damage is safer (the places normally don't attack back).

Beat Cop/Dr. Milan Christopher: Take whatever ally fits your team best and then upgrade Flashlight for Death • XIII (1) or .32 Colt for Ace of Swords (1).

Enchanted Blade: a good and stable boost. And there isnt any other card in this deck that needs a Spectral slot.

Deduction/Vicious Blow: damage and clues. Feel free to leave some skill away to have 2 of both.

Inquiring Mind/Take the Initiative: good s for any skill test. They have always severed me good.

Steadfast: Betters his low and his by up to 2. Be the Timeworn Brand (5)s final hit even up to 4.

"Iv'e got a plan!": Helps to destroy a bit bulkier enemies. Thats why I would start with 2 Dr. Milan Christopher.

Logical Reasoning:
If he packs a punch
he recovers with this hunch

Shortcut: obvious. Often saved me by Unsolved Case-Task.

0 Other Options:

Mind over Matter: If you want to make your deck cheaper, you can maybe use this card instead of "Ive got a plan!".

Emergency Cache: This card is a bit more stable for the resource purpose. Exchange it for Crack the Case.

Eureka!: Can also somehow be included.

Laboratory Assistant: You can exchange this card for Alice Luxley for a faster cycle.